Hatlas Export - Technical Assistance




For a currently ongoing project we are seeking a : 


to reinforce the team working in the USA. 


Mission : 

As a member of the “QA/QC” section you will ensure that suppliers deliver and install their products with the highest level of quality to ensure nuclear safety at all times. 

Quality control and quality monitoring of the fabrication activities performed by the Contractor and exceptionally his sub-vendors. 

Oversight of fabrication progress. 

Witnessing of predefined quality control checks ion the Contractors inspection and test plan. 

Signing of the inspection and test plan for the operations witnessed. 

Review of fabrication reports issued by the Contractor according to the manufacturing progress. 

Reporting on quality and progress on a weekly basis to our project management team and quality control leader. 

Reporting important quality and progress deviations immediately to the project management teams and quality control leader. 

Working in collaboration with the Contractor in an open and constructive dialogue. 


Profile : 

Autonomous in quality control of mechanical equipment for the nuclear sector. 

Experience in the domain of quality control in pressure vessels or equivalent mechanical components is required. 

Familiar with industrial processes involved in manufacturing of heavy steel vessels such as but not limited to welding (including cladding), shrink fitting, heat treatment, painting… 

Knowledge of non-destructive examination techniques is required: ultrasonic testing, radiographic testing, liquid penetrant testing. A certification would be an asset but is not required. 

Knowledge of pressure testing and leak tightness testing is required. 

Experienced in working in an industrial environment with tight deadlines and high quality requirements. 

• Mechanical Engineer or equivalent with experience in quality control of mechanical equipment with at least two years of experience; 

• English speaking; 

• Able to work with limited supervision according to predefined methodologies; 

• Ability to draft concise reports containing factual conclusions; 

• Reliable and motivated to meet deadlines; 

• Flexible towards working in shift regime and weekend work; 

• Pragmatic and diplomatic with corresponding communication skills; 

• Resistant to stress 


The mission calls for a resident inspector to be operational in the East Pittsburgh area (USA) for oversight of our Contractor's activities. Domestic travel can be required in function of the needs to perform inspections at our Contractor sub-vendor locations. Working in a shift regime will be required as well as weekend work. 


Beginning : ASAP 

Duration: 14 months