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AO-1017 / QA/QC, Senegal

For a technical shutdown on a mining plant in Senegal, we are looking for a : 



Mission :  

Direct and co-ordinate the Fabrication and replacement of LAUNDERS on the Spiral Module  

Modify and re-route of existing process water pipe lines within the Spiral Module & Surge Bin  

Apply pipe line fabrication and installation standards including marking and identification ASME, ANSI & SABS. Record all data, calculate Labour and equipment requirements .  

Ensure Engineering Specifications for Rubber Lined Pipes are adhered to code : BS6374 . 

Direct and co-ordinate the activities of employees engaged in execution of small projects during planned shut downs on Dredge & WCP . 

Develop a scope & plan execution of Surge Bin Surface and corrosion protection of steel structures .  

Conduct employee training in equipment operations and work safety procedures for Engineering Specifications for Protective Coating Systems - AS 1627  

Refurblishment of Sumps on the Spiral Module - replacement an lining of suction spears. 

Replacement of Suction Bellmouth Pot inside Bin -80 TDM. 

Installation of wear protection on 02-03-BN-001 Surge Bin Cyclone underflow impact areas .  

Total replacement of Mentis gratings above the Surge Bin wet area inner ring and outer ring walkways. 

Replace structural supports and knee bracings to crane platforms with adherence to existing plant design standards and specifications.  

Replace holding down bolts for crane rails on Spial module Cranes 03 & 04 in adherence to structural steel installation procedures AS 2550 

Conduct Penetrant Test on structural steel beams on Sump 50 & 51 Stilling Box. Develop a detailed scope of work for repairs and preventative maintenance to eliminate cracks from developing.  

Inspection of Spiral & Surge Bin Pontoons for potential risk of water ingress.  

Inverting and modifications to SRTB FWD & PORT FWD - dredge winch Rope reeving on bottom sheaves to outside anchor dozers. 

Institute Quality Control Procedures , maintain data and time management, cost records through full utilization of CMMS Classic .  


Profile : 

A candidate with minimum experience of 10 to 15 years in a heavy mineral process plant and or dense medium separation plant .  

Knowledge of world class plant maintenance standards as the WCP & Dredge are built to international standards.  

Knowledge & understanding high risk HOT WORK activities in a mineral processing environment - Thermal Lancing of Pins & Bushes . 

Understanding of high wear resistant materials and their various applications. 

Ability to calculate using standard formulas used in fabrication for effective maintenance of equipment.  

Interpret specifications and blueprints used to manufacture and repair components.  

Understanding & integrating ISO 9001 QMS in fabrication . 

Ability to draw and issue effective Weld Repair Procedures & Welding Advisory Procedures to AWS D 1.1 standards.  

Understanding of stairwa , ladders, fixed platform & walkway standards AS 1657  

Knowledge of Standard practices in Mine Health & Safety regarding Machine Guarding & rotating equipment. 

Ability to conduct and perform Magnetic Particle Inspections , Liquid Penetrant Testing  

Knowledge and understanding of Specifications for piping Fabrication and installation  

ENGLISH is mandatory 


Beginning : Décembre 2021 

Duration : 6 mois